The four-dimension space-time continuum is the perfect model to describe Newtonian physical reality. However, the advent of quantum theory with its shattering description of sub-atomic particle behavior as a discontinuous process has limited the space-time model to a special case of universal reality.

          The initial work of Planck, Heisenberg, Bohr, and others over the last one hundred years has ruptured the foundations of classic Newtonian physics.

          However, it was not until Dr. J.S. Bell introduced his theorem of universal connectivity that I was finally encouraged to postulate a new physical reality model of the universe. Bell’s theorem mathematically proves that if the predictions of quantum physics are correct, then our understanding of the physical reality of the Universe is limited. The predictions of quantum physics have been proven correct.

The Model for a Five-Dimensional Universe

          My hypothesis is that the universe is a five-dimensional mass/motion-matter/time continuum as contrasted to our general understanding of a four-dimensional space-time reality concept.

          The fifth dimension is identified as that region beginning at the interface of the sub-atomic particle domain (at the interface barrier). The fifth dimension is characterized as that region containing all the mass in any functional universal five-dimensional system. The fifth dimension is a displacement phenomenon from our four-dimensional space-time continuum. The fifth dimension is displaced from our space-time continuum by the physical border that separates sub-particle phenomenon (mass) from cellular, organic particles (matter). These corresponding dimensional realities are inter-relational and provide the connected pathways for the functioning and the understanding of the universe.

          The five-dimensional mass/motion-matter/time continuum operates in accordance with the statistical predictions of quantum theory.

          My five-dimensional model would then modify our present space-time continuum model to a massless, unified energy field. This unified energy field is expanding outwardly at a rate proportional to the mass content that generated it. This expanding space-time energy field provides our observed perception of universal reality. In contrast, the fifth dimension mass/motion region is expanding inwardly, in a reaction direction, at the same rate as the space-time energy field is expanding outwardly.

          Matter does not exist in the fifth dimension. Matter (both organic and inorganic) is a four-dimensional manifestation of the mass particle content available from the fifth dimension. Matter is the resultant implicit derivation of fifth-dimensional mass into our four-dimension energy field. The four-dimensional energy field provides the receptacle/container through which mass particles from the fifth dimension are derived into matter. Matter defines our space-time perception (our sensors) of reality.

          The model further implies that the mass particle content (fifth dimension) is the generator and the fuel provider that functionally operates our universal systems.

          Motion is to mass as time is to our unified energy field (derived matter). Time is an indivisible space-time continuum concept that does not exist in the fifth dimension. Time is a special case of precise motion in the space-time model. Time is special in that it records the progress/history of any organic/inorganic operational universal system. Time records that activity in a forward, unidirectional progression.

          Precise, constant mass particle motion is the fundamental, absolute requirement for the operation and regeneration of the universe. Fifth dimension motion is a constant operational phenomenon that only indirectly relates to our concept of time. Motion is not a directional concept in my model. In the fifth dimension,  a directional or forward concept of precise motion has no significance.

Comments on the Five-Dimension Model

* The concept of the duality of light as wave or particle is consistent with energy waves (space-time) and mass particles (fifth dimension) reality.

* Light is fundamentally dependent on the mass/motion of particles. Light cannot exist without precise fifth dimension mass particle motion. Conversely, time is directly dependent on light. Time cannot exist without fifth dimension precise motion.

*Light is a constant, continuous mass/motion particle phenomenon. The model suggests that light is the complex interaction of mass and energy operating in a functional “local” universe. Light is always directly related to the precise motion of fifth dimension mass particle operation.

* The model hypothesizes that the expansion coefficient of the fifth dimension region is proportional to its total mass content. As a corollary, the extent of the expansion of the space-time energy field is proportional to the energy transfer from fifth dimension total mass content.

* The generally understood space-time concept of ether as an infinitely elastic, massless medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves is hypothetically the same ether that propagates mass particles in a relativistically infinite fifth dimension.

Example of the Model

          The five-dimension model implies that the universe can be considered as a cluster of “localized” mass/motion-energy field units that are operational in their own individual time sequences.

          Consider the phenomenon of the black hole in space. The five-dimension model would theorize that the black hole condition was the result of a collapsing fifth dimension (highly compressed particle mass) in conjunction with a collapsing space-time energy field. The effect of this condition in a full collapsed state (potential condition of solid mass) would be devastating. Fifth dimension motion and its corresponding four-dimensional counterpart time would cease. The condition of particle mass motion ceasing would create a collapsed mass/motion-energy situation that would be an absolute universal impossibility – and would be unsustainable. A condition of “expectant regeneration” would initiate an explosion proportional to the mass contained in the black hole.

          At this moment of “expectant regeneration,” constant motion would begin, and directional time begins to record the progress of this new “localized” universe.

          The fundamental requirement for the expectant regeneration of any black hole is the cessation of fifth dimension particle motion along with its relational time component. The black hole is primarily only a potential vehicle of regeneration.

          The five-dimensional model simply hypothesizes a regenerative process based on localized mass centers. The model does not preclude the possibility that some single event occurred where all universal mass was located at a single node and the “big bang” resulted.

          However, the five-dimensional model would require that the “big bang” was initiated by the fifth dimension, where no collapsing energy field or any space-time continuum entity could possibly have pre-existed. The “big bang” concept is an unlikely theoretical possibility in relation to the five-dimensional model, but it is primarily a complex conundrum.

Fairfax, Virginia
May 16, 2007

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